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VajaEspoon Eskimot is a canoeing club that concentrates on recreational canoeing. The purpose of the club is to provide services to its members, whether they use a sea kayak, a white-water kayak or an open canoe.

In summer, Espoon Eskimot organises guided tours to the beautiful archipelago and to the vast inland waters of Finland.

During winter, when the Baltic Sea, lakes and rives are ice-covered, the club organises training sessions in an indoor swimming pool. In the training sessions, members can train their rescue skills, eskimo roll and freestyle canoeing skills.

Espoon Eskimot organises basic canoeing courses for adults, youth and children. We also provide advanced training to our members, such as white-water, open-canoe and advanced sea-kayaking techniques.

Due to the popularity of canoeing sports at the moment in the Finnish capital area (i.e. Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa) and the limited resources of our club, we have been forced to limit the number of members to 500. Unfortunately, this means that the club can only take new members from the club’s basic courses and through test canoeing. The yearly intake is approximately 50 new members.

The clubhouse of Espoon Eskimot is located in Iivisniemi, Espoo, Finland. The street address of the clubhouse is Rullaniementie 8. The premises consist of two buildings, one containing storage space for the club's kayaks and canoes, repair facilities and dressing rooms, the other providing space for the members' personal equipment.

For additional information, please contact board members.

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